Looking for some desktop publishing tips and resources? Read about our tips for improving the look of your publication by improving its design.

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Publications do's and don'ts

by Edwin Powell

They say some of the best things in life are free, but whether that includes advice may be debatable. Nonetheless, here are a few tips for improving the look of your publication by improving its design. [more]

Shade 7 standard

by Ron LaFon

Many are familiar with the company Curious Labs, but probably few know that e frontier acquired the company in November 2003, although it still operates as Curious Labs. The company recently introduced a family of products called Shade 7. [more]

Canon Publishing Suite - Software Review - Evaluation

by Cliff Cunningham

Desktop publishing is a well established segment of the software market. To draw users from their favourite programs, Canon has released not just another DP program, but an entire suite of well integrated programs. [more]

Quark Releases Quark Publishing System 3.5

by Robyn Wiesman

Quark Inc. has announced the imminent release of QPS 3.5, the latest iteration of its Quark Publishing System publishing workflow software. Previewing the new release at NEXPO '05, the Newspaper Association of America's annual conference and exhibition, Quark is boasting new features, increased functionalities and expanded integration capabilities for this new version. [more]

Simple But Sophisticated Desktop Publishing

Software Publishing's Harvard Publisher 7.3

Home office troupers do it all--even function as their own art departments, grappling with a plethora of programs to produce good-looking business cards, income-generating brochures, and enticing Web sites. Thankfully, both Microsoft's and Software Publishing's latest budget-priced publishing packages are powerful enough to create all these materials and more, giving your endeavors the professional look you crave without requiring a large investment of time--or an art school degree.[more]

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