Desktop publishing - Software Review - Evaluation

by Susan Gilert

Desktop publishing (DTP) has revolutionized the printing industry and changed the way businesses handle printed material. Thanks to the latest DTP software, even the smallest home-based operation can easily produce its own letterhead, brochures, newsletters, or marketing flyers without dealing with commercial printing establishments. [more]

Canon Publishing Suite - Software Review - Evaluation

by Cliff Cunningham

Desktop publishing is a well established segment of the software market. To draw users from their favourite programs, Canon has released not just another DP program, but an entire suite of well integrated programs. [more]

Quark Releases Quark Publishing System 3.5

by Robyn Wiesman

Quark Inc. has announced the imminent release of QPS 3.5, the latest iteration of its Quark Publishing System publishing workflow software. Previewing the new release at NEXPO '05, the Newspaper Association of America's annual conference and exhibition, Quark is boasting new features, increased functionalities and expanded integration capabilities for this new version. [more]

Adobe in 3D

Adobe Systems has moved quickly to implement support for 3D models in its popular Acrobat PDF publishing tool. Such support is a key element in Adobe's ambitions to become the publishing option of choice for engineering files. [more]

FileMaker Pro

by Online Product News

Assembling a feature-length animated film is a complicated job. Every individual scene is the product of many, animators, background artists, technicians, and all those individual elements have to fit together perfectly in the finished product. [more]

Cadalyst salutes noteworthy new hardware and software

by Sara Ferris

Once again it's time for Cadalyst's semiannual awards gala, in which we recognize the top products we've seen in the past six months. The All-Star awards salute the best of the best--the most outstanding among all products that earned five-star Highly Recommended ratings from Cadalyst Labs. [more]