Will Laser Printer Dominate The Market In The Future

If you have been a big fan of inkjet printers, you will probably understand the expense associated with the consumables. When was the last time you replace your inkjet cartridges and how much did it cost you? More importantly, how many pages were you able to print? Can You See The Picture Here? We often hear about the hidden tricks that major manufacturing companies like Canon, Epson, Lexmark and HP are using on their inkjet printer models. If you’ve tried running a printhead clean recently, you will certainly know what I’m talking about.

If not, try it 1 or 2 times and then monitor the ink level. You will be amazed how quickly your ink are being consume without you printing a single page. Is This Something You Can Avoid Though? Absolutely Not! Think about it….How else are you going to adjust those ugly ink spots and blurry lines on your printouts, if you’re not going to use their printhead cleaning function.

You just can’t and this has always been a problem many inkjet printer users are experiencing. Many consumers are also switching to laser printers because of this very same issue. But Toner Cartridges Are More Expensive? You’re absolutely right! But you should also know that one decent toner cartridge can easily print up to thousands and thousands of pages and how many pages can you get out of your ink cartridges? Check the page yield and you should get the idea. Will Laser Printer Dominate The Market In The Future? The market trend is telling us that more and more people are switching to laser printers for the very same reason….

To Save Money In a Long Run! If you ask anyone who owns a laser printer, they should tell you that it’s a much more cost-effective option, both personal and business wise. Will they dominate the market though? From what I’m looking at, including the sales and marketing techniques that big companies are using to attract consumers in recent years. I do not believe laser printers can dominate the market…at least not for the next 10 to 15 years. Of course, you're more than welcome to have your own opinions on this one. Regardless what printer type you’re using, your ultimate focus should always be on the running cost. This is a never ending expense and the best way to reduce this expense is by choosing the right printer to start with.

Happy Printing!.

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