What Makes VS Faster in Coding

Do you know you can do programming 5X faster than before? In Visual Studio 2008 there are some tools many developers ignore since Visual Studio 2005, but I must stress these tools has been improved dramatically to better support database programming, and I won't be surprise to write database application few times faster than conventional programmer! OK, you might hear something called RAD long time ago, but I don't think many of you take it seriously. I use RAD since Borland Delphi, and I am impressed that VS2008 bring this even further! If you have no idea what is RAD, you must continue to read on, I guarantee this will open your eye to the new programming era. So what is RAD? RAD stands for Rapid Application Development, is a set of tools or code generator to map database layer into logical object, without a single code! You can even override the event and create your own insert, update and delete business rules. The dataset designer has been introduced since VS2003, but at that time the technology still not mature. Since VS2005, dataset designer has been evolved into powerful object mapping tools.

You can define all business rules in the dataset designer, logically separate all interfaces with data. There are still some limitation, in theory the dataset should be portable to ASP.Net, if this can be achieved, imagine how easy to port existing windows base clients into Web base clients! VS2008 introduce a new component for ADO.NET, called TableAdapterManager.

This powerful component allows developer to easily perform Master and Details Hierarchical updates in few clicks! These are not possible few years back without lots of codings. The framework does not stop here, new VS2008 extend n-tier support further by separating data access object from dataset designer, now the client can easily share data access interface with the server, developer no longer needs to separate the interface manually! The enhancement still continues, many exciting features will be included into VS2008, currently available as beta, such as Silverlight and Microsoft Sync framework for ADO.Net, and many more.

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