Use Blackberry and Windows Mobile Phones to Conduct Business anywhere any time

As the old saying goes "Cash may be king" but in reality it is your communications structure that can really make or break your business. From small "work from home" Mums, right through to online retailers and big money multi nationals, communications technology continues to transform how we do business. "If you should fall behind in the latest technology and advances in mobile communication technology ? you definitely are risking losing any competitive edge," says Richard Scott of which provides low-cost call plans, mobile devices and training to Businesses in the UK.

"If you need convincing then just look at how innovations back in history have impacted how businesses today operate in the marketplace." Within the 4 years of the invention of the telephone in 1876, over 48,000 telephones phones were in use. Compare this to the Fax which predated the invention of the telephone by nearly 20 years? but didn't really catch on until the 1970. Yet today many businesses seal deals with faxed documents. Add to this that fact the we now have the internet and having a website is now considered essential.

"At the end of the day ? people want technologies that offer us cost-savings and convenience," Scott notes. "More than often a an emerging technology won't be picked up until it meets those requirements. The Blackberry is an example of this trend.

" When 3G first emerged it was invested in heavily by the Mobile Networks but it failed to fly. Now everyone wants a Blackberry due to its fantastic Business uses. The ability to receive email on the go, use Instant Messaging, attach documents and run third party software allows Doctors to record billable hours, lawyers, etc. "The Blackberry is basically a PC that fits into your hand" Says Scott. "It's so popular in the USA with Business people and celebrities alike it's become known as the Crackberry ? it's really that addictive." Then with devices like the Windows Mobile Platform you can now edit, send and create Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, etc all on your mobile phone.

The technology that exits for Business to increase productivity is incredible, here's just a start? Receive email on the go Get GPS and Satellite Navigation on your phone (like having Tomtom ? on your mobile) Create Word docs, Excel and PowerPoint from your on your phone Access database information on your PC from your mobile SMS, Email and Instant Messaging Show Power point Presentations on your mobile Field Sales - Utilise GPS to track staff and know where they are at all times The list goes on? To learn more about all the wonderful tools available to your Business and slash your mobile bills by upto 60% go to For all the latest devices and great package deals tailor made especially for Businesses? please see the Business Mobile Specialists.

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