Portable Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning System or GPS is a new-age technology that utilizes the constellation of about 24 medium Earth orbit satellites that transmits microwave signals which enables a GPS receiver to determine its exact location. Gone were the days when you still rely on maps to find where you are in a city that you are not familiar with and gone were the days when you have to find the right route by outlining point A to point B through paper maps that can be very confusing to many travelers who has no sense of direction to guide them with. Now, with Global Positioning System, accuracy and reliability is within your reach and at an affordable price to add because portable Global Positioning System devices are already available. Portable GPS navigators are must-haves! It's small so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

With its preloaded maps, automatic routing and other GPS features such as turn by turn voice directions and three-dimensional or two-dimensional map viewing, you would never get lost even through unchartered territories. You can easily find your destination with the help of a portable GPS as it gives you directions and even shortcuts on how to get there quickly. Just choose your destination from preloaded points of interest that are identified by your portable GPS and the data to that location is provided to you. Or you could indicate your destination in its preloaded maps and it will automatically choose the best route for you.

This is a great addition to your car accessories and with its best route selection, you could cut time and save money because you reduce your fuel consumption. With portable GPS, it can be a great help especially when traveling to a different country. Just download the country's map to your portable GPS and you would easily find your way through their busy foreign streets with no worries at all.

No need for travel guides to assist you. The only assistance you would ever need for point to point location and routing. Portable GPS devices don't just offer its GPS feature and nothing else. Portable GPS devices also have built-in entertainment tools like MP3 players, photo viewer, currency converter, Bluetooth and many others depending on your portable GPS product.

Enjoy your favorite music while finding the quickest route to your destination or enjoy photo viewing in their LCD display and recall all those wonderful memories to inspire you on your travel. There are many available portable GPS devices to choose from. Finding the right one for you is not difficult as each of the many portable GPS devices uses the same technology and varies only with their size, shape, design and other features.

Garmin offers an excellent portable GPS series. They have Nuvi 200, 200W, 250, 250W, 360, 600 up to Nuvi 5000. They vary in price and specifications but all are developed with excellent taste in design and practicality. Garmin offers the perfect travel assistant for you and are set at a price that you can afford.

If you looking to buy a Portable Handheld GPS system check out http://www.progpsshop.com/ for discount prices.


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