Latest Car Alarm System Considersation

Most victims of car theft never considered that it would happen to them. There is about one automobile stolen every twenty seconds in the United States alone. Even in today technology, car theft is very rampant. That is why car alarm system manufacturers are always improving their technology and innovating in order to avoid car theft. Systems are gadgets that are installed on cars to thwart or discourage theft of cars. Car systems of the early years work by making a loud sound and only.

As the years go by, car alarm systems work by disabling the ignition system of the car. Some car alarm systems send a radio signal to the owner thru a beeper. Some car alarms are set off by vibrations, touch, tilting of the car opening or closing of door contacts, small and rapid changes in the voltage of the battery or through infrared sensors and ultrasound sensors. In some cities in the United States, car alarm sounds are ignored because most of these alarms are accidental.

They are either caused by vibration, thunder, passing of a large truck or of individuals innocently touching the car. And most people in some cities in the United States ignore or do nothing when they hear the sound of a car alarm. Because of large portion of car are false alarms or accidental, car alarm system manufacturers are no longer producing simple noise making car alarm systems. As a replacement for these noise making car alarm systems, car alarm manufacturers are now producing silent immobilizers. Immobilizers are electronic devices that are installed on a vehicle that prevents the engine from running if the vehicle is inserted with the wrong key. After the innovation of the immobilizers, sophisticated alarm systems now feature vehicle tracking system that enables law enforcers to track stolen vehicles which is very much more effective than immobilizers.

On the other hand, these advance features (immobilizers and vehicle tracking system) can not prevent theft of some articles or equipments inside the vehicle or vandalism of the automobile. An ideal system must have the two above mentioned features and sensor that could detect vibrations and pressures of the car. Sensors like a shock sensors triggers the alarm when something or someone moves or hits the car. Some car alarm systems have loud alarms, concierge system, locking steering wheel system, cellular phone alarms that call the police, engine lock system and fuel lock system which prevents fuel from the engine.

Aside from car alarm systems, having a large and heavy gauged steering wheel lock is a good idea in preventing car theft because it will give the car thieves a hard and tiring fight just by removing it alone.

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