Different Types of Ringtones to Chose from

If you live in the modern world you'll certainly have heard a ringtone at one time or another. Those annoying sounds, of someone receiving an incoming phone call on their cell phone, can be heard everywhere. Ringtones are becoming more and more popular as the mobile phone continues to make advances in technology.

As they become more popular, ringtone manners are at the forefront of many discussions today. Where and when should ringtones be allowed? Many workplaces and public areas are banning the use of the cell phone so that the annoying ringtones can be avoided and so that other people aren't disturbed by the sound. However, no matter what restrictions are placed on them, ringtones will continue to be everywhere. After all, ringtones are a big business venture for some companies. Also keep in mind that music companies will get those "royalties" when they sell their sounds to the cell companies for use as ringtones.

If you've ever wondered how ringtones are possible, it's all due to technology. Each ringtone uses RTTTL, which is short for a programming language called "Ringing Tone Text Transfer Language". This language was created by Nokia and is a very important development in electronics. There are many different types of ringtones that you can choose from. These ringtones include True Tone, polyphonic tones (can play several notes at once), and monophonic tones (these tones are the most common today; can only play one note at a time). When you purchase your new cell phone you'll be given a list of optional purchases that you can choose from to add more functionality to your phone.

Ringtones are one of these options that you may want to consider. Your phone will come with some ringtones already built into the system however you can download more unique ringtones, at a small price to make your phone even more personally customized.

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