Best Marketing ROI Strategies

MarketingSherpa has just released a new marketing survey, published in their Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008, which indicated the top marketing strategies with the best return on investment (ROI).
Email marketing is considered the best ROI, with Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing (PPC) following right behind.
How Search ROI Stacks up against the others:
Marketing Tactic Low Value Tactic Strongest TacticGood ROIHard To Gauge
House Email Marketing8% 25% 39% 8%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 6% 18% 36% 21%
Paid Search Marketing (PPC)13% 16% 35% 9%
Public Relations 11% 12% 28% 30%
Direct Mail 27% 12% 27% 11%
Online Banners, etc.

43% 3% 16% 13%
Print Advertising 35% 4% 13% 29%
Source: MarketingSherpa, Inc. Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008. http://www.marketingsherpa.

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